Research on Outsourcing or Self-Support Decision-Making of Products Recall Reverse Logistics

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To solve the problems of outsourcing or self-support decision-making in the process of products recall, an ANP network graph of products recall reverse logistics decision-making based on Analytic Network Process theory is established; cost of reverse logistics, ability to deal with reverse logistics, risk and organization of reverse logistics could be considered while making outsourcing or self-support decisions about products recall reverse logistics. The outsourcing or self-support decision-making processes which take HP PC recall incident as an example are simulated and sensitively analyzed through Super Decisions software; then weights of factors that influence products recall decision-making are observed. At the same time a quantify thought to solve the decision-making problems about reverse logistics is provided, and it can be useful for enterprises operation. Finally, a further discussion is put forward.


Products recall Outsourcing Self-support Analytic network process 



We all thank China National Funds of Social Science for its help. (10GJ451-086).


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  3. 3.CNIABBeijingChina

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