Photochemical Techniques

  • Maria Teresa Gandolfi
  • Luca Moggi
Part of the Lecture Notes in Chemistry book series (LNC, volume 78)


This chapter provides information useful to perform photochemical reactions, both for spectroscopic and synthetic purposes. Main apparata required for these reactions—i.e., light sources for the UV and visible region, filters (solid or in solution) to select monochromatic or narrow band excitation light, and appropriate reaction cells—are described. The mathematical equations that allow to calculate the photoreaction quantum yield from the experimental data are then discussed. In the following section, the methods used to measure the intensity of the exciting radiation are considered: the most important chemical actinometers are described in detail, together with the recommended procedure for their use. As an example, a recent study of the authors on a photochromic compound is summarized, with particular regard to the experimental apparata and procedures used. The application of this compound as a wide range chemical actinometer is finally illustrated and a comparison with the previously reported ones is made.


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