The Ecology of Zoobenthos in Reservoirs of China: A Mini-Review

  • Zhong-Jun Hu
  • Hao Wu
  • Qi-Gen Liu
Part of the Monographiae Biologicae book series (MOBI, volume 91)


Investigations on the ecology of the zoobenthos in reservoirs of China used to be scant, especially studies on the function of zoobenthos and its role in the ecological processes of reservoir ecosystems. Existing investigations focus on community structures of bottom fauna and their application to bioassessment of water quality and fishery potential. The response of zoobenthos and its subgroups to water depth followed some common patterns, but the effects of thermal stratification were ignored. Zoobenthos density increased with eutrophication over a long period, and vice versa. However, the association between important variables (such as phosphorus and nitrogen concentrations in water and sediment) and zoobenthos in 1-year studies were ambiguous. Few studies were conducted on zoobenthic body content of phosphorus and specific studies explored the effects of crab culturing on zoobenthos community. Relatively intensive investigation efforts were carried out on community succession and its driving factors in the Three-Gorges Reservoir.


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This study was funded by Chinese Natural Science Foundation (No. 30670388), the Special SandT Project on Treatment and Control of Water Pollution (No. 2008ZX07526-002), and Shanghai Leading Academic Discipline Project (No.Y1101).


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