Sustainable Urban Development Policy in the Region of Flanders

  • Jan De MulderEmail author
Part of the Local Sustainability book series (LOCAL, volume 3)


Since 2000 the Flemish authorities have developed a coherent policy framework for urban development. In 2003 a White Paper was published after which the previous (2004–2009) and present (2009–2014) Flemish governments took up these challenges. The main objectives are formulated in the two Policy Notes on Urban Development of 2004 and 2009. This policy development at the Flemish regional level has to be framed within the broader European developments (in particular the 2007 Leipzig Charter). The major issues of this urban policy are also incorporated in the two overarching regional strategies (Strategy for Sustainable Development 2006, 2011) and the Flanders in Action Plan (adopted in 2006). Both include elements for a green urban economy. The focus of the current urban policy initiative (2009–2014) is on cities as engines for societal, economic and cultural innovation, however without neglecting the urban vulnerabilities. The core issue remains the fragile balance between the living and centre-functions of cities, which needs to be re-enforced for the city dwellers. The urban policy initiative contains four major instruments: (1) the “cities fund”, (2) the “city-contract”, (3) the “urban renovation projects” and (4) the “city monitor”. This chapter aims to provide an overview with a focus on outcomes and current challenges.


Regional policy Urban policy Planning Sustainable development 


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