Reconstructing Comparative Education

  • Maria Manzon
Part of the CERC Studies in Comparative Education book series (CERC, volume 29)


This book has investigated the problem of what comparative education is and how it came to be constructed as a field. Adopting a philosophical and sociological approach, the study sought to understand the institutional and intellectual shaping of academic comparative education by epistemological, as well as structural, agency-oriented and discursive forces. This section recapitulates the essential arguments and proposes a theorisation of the relationship between the institutional and intellectual re-shaping of comparative education in terms of a ‘quasi-discursive’ construction of the field.


Academic Programme Institutional Power Comparative Education Institutional History Institutional Legitimacy 
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  • Maria Manzon
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  1. 1.Comparative Education Research Centre Faculty of EducationThe University of Hong KongHong KongChina

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