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Sublating the Constructivist Metaphor

  • Wolff-Michael Roth
Part of the Classics in Science Education book series (CISE, volume 3)


In this concluding chapter, I begin by summarizing the shortcomings of constructivism as it presently exists; I then propose a way of situating it within a more encompassing theory. In this resulting theory, the intentional and constructive sides are complemented by the essentially passive and affective nature of being. I show how the new theory transcends the dichotomies between inside and outside, intra-psychological and inter-psychological, body and mind, mind and world in conceiving of them of one-sided articulations of the world. When we think from a position of difference that we come to understand that agency and passivity, body and mind, knowing and world, theory and praxis are but one-sided perspectives on phenomena inherently different from themselves.


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