Vibroacoustic Energy Diffusion Optimization in Beams and Plates by Means of Distributed Shunted Piezoelectric Patches

  • M. Collet
  • M. Ouisse
  • K. A. Cunefare
  • M. Ruzzene
  • B. Beck
  • L. Airoldi
  • F. Casadei


This chapter proposes a synthesis of different new methodologies for developing a distributed, integrated shunted piezo composite for beams and plates applications able to modify the structural vibro acoustical impedance of the passive supporting structure so as to absorb or reflect incidental power flow. This design implements tailored structural responses, through integrated passive and active features, and offers the potential for higher levels of vibration isolation as compared to current designs. Novel active and passive shunting configurations will be investigated to reduce vibrations such as distributed Resistance Inductance and Resistance with negative Capacitance circuits.


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This work is supported by a collaborative research agreement (ANR NT09 617542) between Georgia Tech, FEMTO-ST Institute and Ecole Centrale de Lyon. We gratefully acknowledge Georgia Tech and the French ANR and CNRS for supporting such international collaborations.


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  • M. Ouisse
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  • K. A. Cunefare
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  • M. Ruzzene
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  • B. Beck
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  • F. Casadei
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