SHM of Composite Cylindrical Multilayered Shells with Delaminations

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In this study, effective computational procedures are introduced and used to characterize the dynamic behavior of cylindrical panels with circular cross-section having the single interlaminar delamination between laminate layers. Based on the computed results it is possible to determine the effect of delamination on the overall structural dynamic behavior. Those results are used to quantify the difference between the results of the relevant parameters in the cases of perfect and defected structures. Usually, the wave propagation can be observed with the use of piezoelectric sensors. Therefore, in the next step of our analysis we modeled delaminated structures with a finite number of PZT sensors to consider also their influence on the structural dynamic response. The numerical analysis have been conducted with the use of 3D finite elements. A lot of numerical results allow us to understand better the influence of various parameters on the form of wave propagation in cylindrical multilayered shells.


Cylindrical Shell Radial Displacement Shear Deformation Theory Delamination Length Linear Natural Frequency 
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  • A. Muc
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  1. 1.Institute of Machine DesignCracow University of TechnologyKrakówPoland

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