Physical and Morphological Characterization of an Innovative System Control for the Accurate Execution of Lung Surgery

  • L. Fuggiano
  • R. Caione
  • F. Casino
  • R. Rella
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Pulmonary ventilation is an important and indispensable method used in lung surgery. Generally, during the operation it is necessary to exclude one of the two lungs from ventilation. To this purpose the characteristics of the actual bronchial blockers don’t let to exclude easily the lung during the surgical maneuvers. The difficulties evidenced during the anesthesia procedures by using a common blocker, have highlighted the need to find a new solution with alternative characteristics, such as to create an exclusion of the lung and at the same time to optimize the position of the blocker throughout the surgical maneuver.


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  1. 1.U.O.C. Anestesia e RianimazioneOspedale Civile“V.Fazzi”LecceItaly
  2. 2.Istituto per la Microelettronica e Microsistemi del CNR–IMM LecceLecceItaly

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