Integrating Environmental Concerns into Development Assistance Policy

A Few Reflections
  • Alexandra Ferreira de CarvalhoEmail author


Today, it is inconceivable that environmental policy and spatial planning could exist without interaction with other social sectors. In order to achieve their goals, therefore, ministries with responsibilities in these matters, bearing in mind the cross-sectoral nature of their powers and from a perspective of policy cooperation and consistency, must take these sectors into account, specifically those relating to the economy, industry, agriculture, energy, transport, public works, health, education and tourism. In light of what we know today, incorporating environmental concerns into plans, projects, programmes and national strategies developed for these sectors, is of strategic importance for sustainable development. What I aim to do in the following lines, therefore, is to encourage joint reflection on the integration of environmental concerns into development aid policy and, more specifically, to discuss the importance of reinforcing environmental integration into the various development assistance policies.


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