SBW 4WS Conversion Mechatronic Control System for Automotive Vehicle Lane Keeping

  • B. T. Fijalkowski
Part of the Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering book series (ISCA, volume 52)


As a recent advance in automotive vehicle automation, research into lane-keeping mechatronic control is being carried out extensively in the field of automated manned and/or unmanned vehicles as well as steering and driving assistance mechatronic control systems. From the viewpoint of automotive vehicle dynamics and mechatronic control, however, it is impossible to achieve the desirable lanekeeping performance in both lateral and yaw senses of direction by using the only FWS SBW angle as the control input. Thus additional control input is necessary to overcome this problem. From a viewpoint of mechatronic control theory, SBW 4WS seems to be an attractive alternative in enhancing lane-keeping mechatronic control performance.


Sideslip Angle Feedforward Controller Steer Wheel Angle Road Curvature Additional Control Input 
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