Metalogue: SSI in Undergraduate Science Education

  • Jennifer L. EastwoodEmail author
  • Troy D. Sadler
  • María Pilar Jiménez-Aleixandre
Part of the Contemporary Trends and Issues in Science Education book series (CTISE, volume 39)


Sadler: This is a very interesting chapter in that it is features several unique elements as compared to most other chapters. Most other chapters deal with researcher-designed (or at least influenced) SSI-based interventions that are relatively limited in scope on the order of weeks. The chapter by Dana Zeidler and colleagues addresses a considerably longer curriculum (1 year), but Eastwood, Schlegel, and Cook explore SSI infused across an entire 4-year program. These authors also offer the only study of SSI situated in a college context. The work associated with designing and implementing this program is obviously extensive and the multifaceted research design and execution is equally ambitious. I commend the authors on both aspects of this work and believe that the broader community interested in SSI education can learn a great deal through this presentation.


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