The Aurora as a Universal Phenomenon

  • Götz Paschmann
  • Stein Haaland
  • Rudolf Treumann
Part of the Space Science Series of ISSI book series (SSSI, volume 15)


The physical processes of the aurora that have been described from both the observational and theoretical side in this book are by no means restricted to terrestrial auroral phenomena, but are of a very general nature. They take place in various different objects and places in the universe when magnetized plasmas of different constitution come into contact. Hot collisionless plasmas in convective motion connected via magnetic fields to cold collisional plasmas can be found in the solar system and in other remote places in the universe. From the auroral effects described in previous chapters we have learned that under such conditions magnetic field-aligned currents, localized space charges, and magnetic field-aligned electric fields and potential drops will be generated causing a wealth of secondary effects. Among those, prompt particle acceleration, plasma heating, and generation of intense electromagnetic radiation are of primary and utmost importance as many of those objects are accessible only by detection of the electromagnetic radiation they emit. As such effects are typical for more remote planetary and astrophysical objects, the present chapter attempts to generalize a few of the auroral processes to a number of these objects which seem particularly suited for the appearance of ‘aurora-like’ phenomena, or from where information about similar phenomena has been obtained observationally. Identification of such processes may in some cases allow to generalize our knowledge to those objects and to infer about the processes taking part in them.


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