Review of Coronal Oscillations — An Observer’s View

  • Markus J. Aschwanden
Part of the NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry book series (NAII, volume 124)


Recent observations show a variety of oscillation modes in the corona.. Early non-imaging observations in radio wavelengths showed a number of fast-period oscillations in the order of seconds, which have been interpreted as fast sausage mode oscillations. TRACE observations from 1998 have for the first time revealed the lateral displacements of fast kink mode oscillations, with periods of ≈3–5 minutes, apparently triggered by nearby flares and destabilizing filaments. Recently, SUMER discovered with Doppler shift measurements loop oscillations with longer periods (10–30 minutes) and relatively short damping times in hot (7 MK) loops, which seem to correspond to longitudinal slow magnetoacoustic waves. In addition, propagating longitudinal waves have also been detected with EIT and TRACE in the lowest density scale height of loops near sunspots. All these new observations seem to confirm the theoretically predicted oscillation modes and can now be used as a powerful tool for “coronal seismology” diagnostic.


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