The Case of Moshe

Where does one Draw the Line between Hope and Reality?
  • Randy Linda Sturman
Part of the International Library of Ethics, Law, and the New Medicine book series (LIME, volume 16)


Moshe Goshen-Gottstein defied all odds. He suddenly went from being a worldfamous scholar to a helpless comatose patient who, according to doctors, had no chance of recovery, only to recuperate fully and return to his previous level of competence. It is a story with a happy ending, one that every family with a comatose member dreams will be their story. Yet the issues raised by his case go beyond the “miracle” of his seeming rebirth to why all those involved in his care continued to hope and to provide him with treatment and attention and affection for months, with little hope of any, let alone a complete, recovery. It is a case whose happy ending does not completely explain the beginning or the middle of this miraculous event involving this incredible man.


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