Risk Assessment in Kazakhstan

  • K. Bolatbaeva
Conference paper
Part of the NATO Science Series book series (NAIV, volume 34)


The paper discusses possible applications of the risk assessment methodology in Kazakhstan. Currently, there is no regulatory act in Kazakhstan that mandates the environmental risk assessment as a decision-making tool. The methodology of environmental risk assessment is a new, rapidly developing interdisciplinary scientific approach. Adverse environmental impacts are more effectively addressed by the flexible mechanism of risk assessment than by a system based on predetermined standards. In such a situation, the risk assessment approach could be very useful. Potential risk assessment applications are discussed. The results of recent research on human health risk associated with chronic exposure to lead contamination are also presented.


Risk Assessment Lead Concentration Environmental Risk Assessment Public Health Risk Rural Town 
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  • K. Bolatbaeva
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  1. 1.The Regional Environmental Centre for Central AsiaAlmatyThe Republic of Kazakhstan

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