In the Name of God: Sufi’ism, a Transcendental Pantheism and the Mystery of Mysticism in Persian Poetry

  • M. J. Sahlani
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 82)


The advanced and uncompromising Sufi’ism taught by some Persian poets makes ethics subservient to philosophy. Virtue, as they conceive it, is not an end, but a means: the end is union with God, through Love. Thus their poems are based on a transcendental pantheism; however, they work out from the moral, not the metaphysical, standpoint. Among these genuine Sufi poets, Jalaluddin Rumi is without a rival. He was born at Balkh on the 6th of Rabi’u-l-Awwal, 604 A.H. (30th September, 1207).


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