The Theme Literature’s Path Through The Unknown

  • Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 82)


While philosophy focuses upon the generative principles, constructive devices and cohesive ordering of the logos upon which the great game of life is suspended, and which give the conscious human being some foothold of certainty, literature reveals the pulp of the human life itself, showing the foci of conflicts that tear apart the threads of cohesion in their ramifications. It shows the struggles of the individual life to maintain a relatively coherent course upon the stormy wave, constantly defied by their hidden currents, it shows how the acumen of the human being is constantly alert to deflect the dangerous turns and to take proper advantage of the propitious ones. As we have shown in our preceding inquiry (The Play of Life on the Stage of the World. Analecta HusserlianaVolume LXXIII), literature brings to the stage the profoundly rooted drama of human life which is like a dynamic process of plowing ahead through obstacles at every step, passed dangers and incertitudes toward an unforeseeable future. The Homeric virtues (calculation, cunning, foresight, expectation, combativeness, bravery, courage, passions, expectations, hope, fidelity to the purpose, faith in a higher destiny) characterize life’s demands in the universal world situation of the living being. His/her progress within the flux in which no halt is possible, consists in conquering or undergoing the adversities step by step, relying upon one’s acumen to detect them, disentangling knots of their intricacies and exercising foresight in avoiding perils and grabbing opportunities. Hence human conscious life in its powerfully significant sphere is a weave of recognized matters of fact and of conjectures, of expectations and suspension, of much sought relaxation and dangerous tensions, of striving with problematic success and of hope. All things considered, the human life is projecting itself into the twilight of discovery within the maze of the Unknown.


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