Illicit Drugs in the Andes Five Years After Ungass-98

  • Francisco E. Thoumi
Part of the Studies of Organized Crime book series (SOOC, volume 3)


At UNGASS-98 the United Nations Office of Drug Control and Crime Prevention (ODCCP) proposed an ambitious program to substantially reduce the availability of coca and poppy based drugs by 2008. This goal was scaled down from an even more ambitious one, originally put forward by Pino Arlacchi, then ODCCP under- secretary general, which aimed to eliminate coca and poppy cultivation altogether by that date. Alternative Development projects constituted the main policy proposed by Arlacchi to achieve this objective. Halfway through the allotted period, it is pertinent to evaluate the changes that have taken place in the Andean countries to determine how close we are to achieving the goals that were set in 1998.


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