Recent Developments Concerning High-Velocity Clouds

  • Bart P. Wakker


I summarize the new developments in HVC research that have occurred in the past few years. These include a) the determination of approximate distances to some IVCs and HVC complex A; b) the measurement of the metallicity of the Magellanic Stream and the conclusion that tidal forces are dominant in creating the Stream; c) the derivation that the metallicity of complex C is 0.1 solar, with some evidence for metallicity variations; d) the result that N/O in complex C is 0.2 times the solar ratio, a value otherwise only seen in dwarf galaxies and Damped Lyα systems; e) the discovery of high-velocity O VI absorption, both associated with previously known HI HVCs and in directions without a HI HVC; f) the proposal that HVCs form a population of objects permeating the Local Group.


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