Dose Assessment Around Yenikoy Coal-Fired Power Plantdue To Measured Gross Alpha Radioactivity Levels In Flying Ash Of The Plant

  • T. Büke
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YPP (Yeniköy Power Plant) is located in Muğla province to produce electricity since some important part of lignite reserve of Turkey is in this region and it has a power of 2x210 MW. Lignite in Muğla province contains some uranium as all lignite does. Lignite in uranium passes to ash with a higher concentration during the firing process in furnace chamber at 1000 oC. While well-burned ash goes to the plant chimney, the others are not burned perfectly which are called slag ashen drops the furnace chamber floor. The radioactive in flying ash is released to the atmosphere, depending on the efficiency of the plant's chimney emission control equipment [1].


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