Biogeochemistry Of Uranium And Selenium - Regional Problem Of Ecology

  • B. M. Djenbaev
  • V. V. Ermakov
Conference paper
Part of the NATO Science Series book series (NAIV, volume 33)


Kyrgyzstan is rich in different aspects of mineral resources (more than 10 thousands). The reason that Kyrgyzstan occupies a unique position is a geological feature of Eurasia (majority Tian-Shan). Metalogenic the specialisation has promoted the formation of numerous shallow accumulations both several giant fields infrequent and rare earths, that has caused the shaping of appropriate geochemical anomalies. Due to the scientists weapon since 1955, Kyrgyzstan was the largest producer of uranium for former USSR (Mailyy- Syy, Min-Kysh, Kadji-Saj etc.). The concern from this problem and the decision of new strategic tasks still remains unsolved. However, owing to inefficient extraction and unsafe waste-handling of mineral resources, on the territory of the republic (600 million. m3) in dumps and scraps of waste-handling of mineral raw materials the are a great many elements of potentially of dangerous chemical elements and their by products. The condition of these dumps and storage sites is so pitiable, that radioactive waste, heavy metals and toxiferous materials contaminate the environment.


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  • B. M. Djenbaev
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  • V. V. Ermakov
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  1. 1.Biology-soil institute National academy of Sciences, Institute geochemistry and analytical chemistryKyrgyz Republic

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