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TIME MAP—SOME MORE EXAMPLES 1 Here are two software examples that are specifically designed to tackle the time -space -visualisation -problem. One of them is GeoTime 2 developed by Oculus 3 a leading and award winning provider of visualisation solutions, as they call themselves on the website. It is aiming at professional analysts and is priced similar to other ESRI extensions. The other one is a Google Code project called timeMap 4 developed at the MIT 5in connection with the SIMILE project and freely available. With GeoTime is it possible to visualise time -based tracking data in an aquarium sort of way, as developed by the Lund School in the 1970s. It also uses the third dimension to show the passage of time . So spatial locations are shown as X and Y and the time is shown as Z-coordinate. Recently Oculus efforts have focused on analytical tools and performance enhancements within GeoTime . The Web 2.0 support could also be interesting. The GeoTime application...


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