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Symbol. Standing for: (1) entropy; (2) siemens; (3) sulphur.


Abbreviation. Used in cement notation for silica, SiO2.


Abbreviation. Standing for second.

sable detail brush.

Noun. A ware decorating brush with very short, highly pointed hairs; used for feature and fine detail application.

sabulous, sabulose.

Adjective. Gritty; of sand like texture.

saccharoidal marble.

Noun. A form of marble that has even sized grains between small and large and contains some pyroxene impurity to give an overall sugary appearance.

sacrificial plaster.

Noun. A lime putty, sepiolite, porous chalk and limestone aggregate mix put on to brick and stone work to draw-out salt solutions from them while at the same time acting as a plaster for decoration. When the brickwork or stones are dried out the plaster is removed and replaced with normal facing. Also called poultice plaster.


Noun. An item of wedge-shaped kiln furniture employed as a prop between plates packed on edge in a kiln.

saddle arch.


Surface Enhance Raman Spectroscopy Selective Laser Sinter Molten Glass Submerge Entry Nozzle Ceramic Body 
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