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Symbol. Standing for: (1) a chemical radical; (2) Réamur scale; (3) electrical resistance; (4) röntgen; (5) universal gas constant.

R or r.

Abbreviation. Standing for: (1) radius; (2) registered trademark.


Symbol. For the element radium.

rack- and- pinion.

Noun. A device in which a gearwheel (the pinion) engages with a flat toothed bar (the rack) in order to convert rotary into linear motion.

rack car.

Noun. A car containing racks on which ware is placed without stacking for movement through the drier.

rack, comb.

Noun. See comb rack.

rack, hanging.

Noun. See hanging rack.

rack mark.

Noun. An imperfection on the surface of glass due to malfunction of the rolling mechanism.


Noun. (1) A unit used to quantify the energy absorbed from ionising radiation by tissue equal to 10−2 J kg−1 of tissue. (2) Abbreviation for radian.


Noun. (1) An interweave. (2) Red ochre and an alternative spelling of reddle and ruddle. (3) Verb trans. To cover something with red ochre.




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