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Oamaru stone.

Noun. A type of building quality limestone quarried in New Zealand.


Noun. A stone pillar that has a square or rectangular cross section and sides that taper towards a pyramidal top.


Adjective. Having an equatorial diameter greater in length than the polar diameter.

objet trouvé.

Noun. A natural or manufactured object, such as ceramic artware, put forward as having artistic value.

obscure glass.

Noun. A glass which will transmit and also diffuse light so that objects beyond cannot be distinguished clearly.

obscuring process.

Noun. Any process, such as acid etching, sandblasting, etc., that is designed to diffuse light and thereby obscure vision, in varying degrees, through glass.

observable quantity.

Noun. A physical quantity that can be measured.


Noun.A highly siliceous natural glass, usually of volcanic origin from rapidly quenched lava, which is transparent but dark in colour and which resembles granite in composition. It splits to give a...


Lithium Niobate Optical Glass Plural Noun Diphenyl Phosphate Ceramic Ware 
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