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Symbol. Standing for: (1) kilo meaning one thousand; (2) karat; (3) the unit vector along the z-axis.


Symbol. Standing for: (1) Kelvin; a temperature scale; (2) in computing, 1,024 words, bytes, or bits; (3) potassium.

Kagome nets.

Noun. A way of describing crystal structures in terms of layers of atoms present in the structure. An example of the notation is: 2∞(B6C2)3, which indicates that there are infinite 2-D layers of boron and carbon atoms forming 8-membered rings in three orientations related by a threefold rotation axis.


Noun. KCl·MgSO4·3H2O. A white mineral containing magnesium sulphate and potassium chloride. Used as a source of potassium salts in ceramic compositions and as a fertiliser.

Kaiser effect.

Noun. A relationship for ceramic and glass tensile test samples between the applied stress and the measured cumulative number of acoustic emissionevents detected as the applied stress is increased linearly. The cumulative number increases sharply only when the...


Heavy Fermion Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate Sodium Titanate Hydrated Sodium Knoop Hardness 
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