Cell Lines in Four Weeks with the CEMAX® System

  • Benedikt Greulich
  • Karlheinz Landauer
  • Andreas Herrmann
Conference paper
Part of the ESACT Proceedings book series (ESACT, volume 5)


Cell line development up to now is a time consuming and laborious process, since it is based on statistical integration of the transgene encoding the protein of interest. Thus high producer clones have to be identified in an intensive screening process. Usually the productivity of these clones is further improved in one or more gene amplification steps although this could reduce genetic stability. This study presents the CEMAX® system, a novel mammalian expression system for the generation of CHO K1 derived production cell lines for biopharmaceuticals and its use for the production of highly glycosylated proteins. Stable high producers are available within four weeks after transfection and with less effort compared to conventional methods. This was achieved by adopting site-specific integration of the gene of interest.


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The authors like to thank Silke Schindler for technical assistance.


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  • Benedikt Greulich
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  • Karlheinz Landauer
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  • Andreas Herrmann
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