Potato Aucuba Mosaic Virus (PAMV; Genus Potexvirus)

  • G. Loebenstein


Leaf symptoms of PAMV differ depending on virus strain and potato cultivar. Thus, several virus isolates cause yellow leaf flecking in cvs Triumf and Gloria, whereas other isolates cause deformation and stunting of cv. Bintje. Some cultivars develop necrosis in the tubers or sunken patches on the tuber surface; such symptoms occur mainly when tubers are stored at high (20°–21°) temperatures (Hooker, 1981; Munro, 1960). The symptoms resemble those of Potato mop-top virus (PMTV); both cause necrosis on the tuber surface, but those of PAMV are less clearly patterned than the necrotic rings caused by PMTV.


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