The Third Station: Reasonable Meta-Readings

  • Anat Biletzki
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The move from the first to the second station on our trip of interpretation had to do with a substantial interpretive development — the sophistication of readings (of the Tractatus), and with a chronological addition — the emergence of a second, or later, Wittgenstein now to be interpreted along with, but very differently from, the first. This second station would seem to cover almost all of the standard readings of Wittgenstein; especially if an internal debate is admitted within stations, which permits interpreters in the same station to hold different views on the meaning of Wittgenstein’s terms, on the intentions behind his proclamations, on the structure of his arguments, or on the very correctness of his positions. What is there in the evolution of interpretations that could then, now, make us identify a certain (group of) interpretation(s) as departing from the oh-so-wide mainstream of readings that recognize a hesitant metaphysical philosopher of language and logic in the Tractatus and a use-oriented, therapeutically inclined philosopher (of language again, but where has logic gone?) in the Investigations?


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