Al-Biruni’s “One And Many”: Saying the Same in Different Ways

  • A.L. Samian
Part of the Islamic Philosophy and Occidental Phenomenology in Dialogue book series (IPOP, volume 6)


Much have been written about al-Biruni’s (973–1051 A.D.) contribution to the development of the quantitative aspects of science that has earned him a distinguished place in the history of astronomy. Yet little is known about his qualitative views of numbers, especially pointing to its transcendental meaning. In this article, the author will examine his position regarding the matter based on some of his writings, in particular his al-Athar al-baqiya min al-qurun al-khaliya (The Chronology of Ancients Nations) and his Kitab fi ifrad al-maqal fi amr al-zilal (The Exhaustive Treatise on Shadows).


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