Usage of Special Investigation Measures in Detecting Environmental Crime: International and Macedonian Perspective

  • Marina Malis Sazdovska
Conference paper
Part of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security book series (NAPSC, volume 2)


The purpose of this chapter work is deepening the knowledge about environmental crime. Organized crime is a phenomena which is a part of modern society living and represents a treat for the real society developments. Environmental crime with some separate forms and shapes presents the environment crime, which is presented not only on the regional but although on the international, global level. One of the most profitable businesses in the sphere of crime is the illegal lodgment of waste which is put on the top of the scale of crime activities in present time. The goals that have to be achieved are more efficient fight against environment crime, and they belong in the part of sphere of criminology. Fighting against this type of crime is a part of the methodology of its detecting, substantiation and clarifying the environmental crimes and the police methods is enriched with special investigation measures and activities undertaken by the police authorized security bodies.

The chapter identifies the measures and the activities that authorized bodies take over to fight against this type of crime. It also takes into consideration the measures that are taken at a national level, and the measures taken by Interpol. During this work failures in police and other bodies operating have been addressed. The most important are the notes considering inadequately applying of measures that can result in not convincing the perpetrator. In the conclusion also the way of realization of the law estimated solutions is proposed, with an aim of protection of the environment. In this chapter a methodology is recommended about the fight against environmental crime, and because of that it is of important value for operational workers.


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  1. 1.Assistant Professor of Environmental Criminology, Faculty of security-SkopjeUniversity of Saint Kliment OhridskiSkopjeRepublic of Macedonia

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