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The a priori Grounds of Proof of the Existence of a supremely perfect, necessary, independent Being.

  • Moses Mendelssohn
  • Daniel O. Dahlstrom
  • Corey Dyck
Part of the Studies in German Idealism book series (SIGI, volume 12)


The concept of the necessary, as it was developed in the last lecture, could easily set a bold thinker, like Descartes, on the track of discovering an a priori proof for the existence of such a being. If the actuality of a necessary being depends merely on its possibility, if there is a firmly-grounded transition from the thinkability of the necessary to the actual existence of the same, then perhaps human reason will be allowed to discover this transition and to blaze a new trail to the truth so dear to it. Without presupposing an actual existence, even its own existence, so little is it subject to doubt that human beings would set out from the definition, without any experiential propositions of outer or inner sense, and would arrive with sure steps at the truth that there is a God!


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  • Moses Mendelssohn
  • Daniel O. Dahlstrom
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  • Corey Dyck
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  2. 2.Department of PhilosophyUniversity of Western OntarioLondonCanada

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