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Magnetic Field that Extends into Space

  • Nathani Basavaiah


The advent of balloons, rockets, satellites and space probes is of great help in exploring external magnetic field and aeronomic changes. This study requires sophistication achieved by USA, Russia, and European community. The contribution by India is limited to the analyses and studies of these procured satellite and space data. The geomagnetic surface data alone provide no clue, unless the process of solar wind and solar plasma stream interactions with the geomagnetic field are better understood and modelled. The cause in the form of solar wind interaction produces various effects such as ring current, charged particle diffusion, scattering and final precipitation in the auroral zone. Simple Ohm’s law and Ampere’s law are at work in the production of various currents and geomagnetic field changes on the global scale. The morphological changes in the geomagnetic field play an important role in generating micropulsations and accelerating charged particles by annihilating magnetic field at the X-type neutral point in the geomagnetic tail.


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