France: Jewish Education in France

  • Ami Bouganim
  • Daniel Roseman
Part of the International Handbooks of Religion and Education book series (IHRE, volume 5)


Education in France is caught up in the spiral of competition and examination, devoting itself to courses leading to the most sought-after jobs, in this case engineering, commerce and communication. Despite their intellectual aura, the so-called humanist courses are in marked decline. And yet all Jewish education reprises the classical ideal of evaluating the works of the past, carried by an automatic – not to say instinctive – and mobilising – not to say vital – membership in tradition. This chapter explores the development of Jewish education in France, exploring the tensions between private and state schooling and between the secular and the religious. Beginning from a historical overview, it charts the development of Jewish education, and Jewish Studies as a discipline, and poses some of the challenges, as well as the successes of Jewish education in France.


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