Subsurface Interactions of Actinide Species with Microorganisms

  • Donald T. Reed
  • Randhir P. Deo
  • Bruce E. Rittmann


Subsurface microbiological processes have an important role in defining the speciation and mobility of actinide contaminants in groundwater. The relative importance of these processes, especially when groundwater conditions support high microbiological activity, has, however, only been recognized by researchers in the field since the early 1990s. The need to mechanistically understand the key interactions between actinide species and microbial processes becomes greater as we increasingly rely on more passive, long-term containment strategies, such as natural attenuation, where microbial processes are likely to predominate (NRC, 2000a).


Extracellular Polymeric Substance Linear Energy Transfer Terminal Electron Acceptor Acceptor Substrate Subsurface Environment 
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