Identification and Speciation of Actinides in the Environment

  • Claude Degueldre


All actinide isotopes are radioactive. Since the middle of the last century, new bactinide and transactinide isotopes have been artificially produced and the use of several of the naturally occurring actinide isotopes has increased. This production is due to the nuclear power industry and the military fabrication and use of nuclear weapons. These activities have created anxiety about the introduction of actinide elements into the environment. Consequently, environmental systems that contain or are exploited for natural actinides, or, are potentially contaminated by anthropogenic actinides, must be investigated. The analytical techniques introduced in this chapter are used, after sampling when required, to identify and quantify the actinide isotopes and to determine the species in which they are present.


Neutron Activation Analysis Inductively Couple Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Thermal Ionization Mass Spectroscopy Accelerator Mass Spectroscopy 
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