Induction Machine Modeling Concepts

  • Rik De Doncker
  • Duco W. J. Pulle
  • André Veltman
Part of the Power Systems book series (POWSYS)


In this chapter, induction machine models are developed. As a platform for introducing field-oriented models, first models without leakage inductances are derived showing the essence of torque production of the machine. Central to this chapter is the introduction of a universal flux linkage model which allows a three-to-two inductance transformation leading to a simplified IRTF machine model. This universal model is the stepping stone to the universal field-oriented (UFO) machine model which gives a basic understanding of the transient behavior of induction machines. Furthermore, this model forms the cornerstone for the development of field-oriented control. At the end of this chapter, attention is given to single-phase induction machines.


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