Márcio Ayres: New Approaches to the Conservation and Management of Protected Areas in Amazônia

  • John G. RobinsonEmail author
  • Helder L. Queiroz


The first reserve recognized by Brazilian legislation in 1996, the Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentavel (RDS) Mamirauá, arose from the vision of one man: Márcio Ayres. The reserve was designed to conserve biodiversity by involving the local ribeirinho population in participatory management of natural resources through the development of effective and legitimate governance institutions, scientifically grounded management plans, and economic support for human livelihoods. These structures reflect Marcio’s own personal preoccupations: a love of Amazonian ecosystems, particularly the flooded forests; a deep respect for the power of scientific knowledge to inform decisions; and a dedication to the people of the flooded forest.


Márcio Ayres Sustainable development reserves Participation Flooded forest Scientific knowledge 

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