Cornelius Gemma and the New Star of 1572

  • Dario Tessicini
Part of the Archimedes book series (ARIM, volume 27)


The appearance of a new star in the constellation of Cassiopeia between November 1572 and March 1574 provoked wide discussion which spread across the entire continent of Europe and lasted right until the end of the following century, finally culminating in the debate over the new star of 1604. The greatest astronomers of the era were not the only participants in these discussions, but also philosophers, physicians, astrologers, theologians, and men of letters contributed different perspectives and a remarkable variety of possible interpretations. The most significant contributions are well known to historians of science who can benefit from both wide-ranging research and specialist studies.


Celestial Body Linear Movement Circular Motion Rectilinear Movement Cosmological Debate 
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