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As has been pointed out in the Resolution of the Institut de droit international adopted at the 2003 Bruges session, for the purpose of humanitarian assistance disasters may be divided into three categories: (a) disasters of natural origin, (b) man-made disasters of technological origin, (c) disasters caused by armed conflicts or violence. The Bruges resolution encompasses all the three categories of disasters, while the ILC which codifies the law of humanitarian assistance has concentrated its work on the first two, i.e., natural and man-made disasters, pointing out that disasters caused by armed conflicts are of a special nature. One may add the concept of humanitarian assistance has developed in connection with war, with the adoption of conventions on humanitarian law which have achieved universal standing. In part, but only in part, this is true also for man-made disasters and, in the absence of conventional regulation, the applicable rules may be found in the law governing international responsibility. However, the regulation of humanitarian assistance in case of natural disaster has not yet been universally codified. Even domestic law does not offer enough guidance to construe general principles of law to be applied.


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