The Revolution

  • Declan Hill
Part of the ASSER International Sports Law Series book series (ASSER)


This book is about a revolution. It is a revolution without riots, protests or street demonstrations, but with all its peacefulness, it is a revolution that is fundamentally changing our society. You can see the revolution in the growth of casinos. A generation ago, the only casinos in North America were in Las Vegas or the Caribbean: now they dot the cities and countryside more frequently than power plants. You can see the revolution in the growth of poker. Ten years ago what television executive would have predicted that the sight of five flabby, middle-aged men playing cards would make for highratings in prime time? Now you cannot switch on European cable television at any time of day and not watch poker games. You can see the revolution as we watch football matches. Two years ago, few commentators mentioned the betting line on the game, now you can see the live odds on some games superimposed onto the screen. This book is about this revolution. It is about sports gambling and how it is changing our society.


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