Sports Betting in Canada

  • Garry J. Smith
Part of the ASSER International Sports Law Series book series (ASSER)


This book looks at the Law and the Policy on Betting and Sport in many countries around the world––sport is a global phenomenon––providing a very useful and valuable comparative survey on a subject that is so vital for safeguarding and preserving the integrity of those sports in which betting is legally allowed. The country reports show how sports-related betting is organized in the country concerned, also from a historical and policy perspective (national Lotteries Act; state run/state licensed lotteries and/or private operators; how the licensing system for public operators works; state supervisory mechanisms, etc.), and contain a treatment of the national case law.


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  • Garry J. Smith
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  1. 1.Alberta Gaming Research InstituteUniversity of Alberta AlbertaCanada

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