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Part of the Legal Issues of Services of General Interest book series (LEGAL)


This book is divided into three distinct parts: the first part addresses general issues in the development and application of the legal base for Services of General Interest (SGIs), applied in this Conclusion as a generic label, in the Single Market; the second provides a more specific analysis of the development of the regulatory and policy environment for SGI in the Single Market; and the third develops the policy context of the book, to place the debate on SGIs within an international development setting. That said, there are important connections between the general, specific, and international aspects to SGIs that emerge in the essays. The book is concerned with the modernisation processes of services delivery and the conceptual development of the category of services of general interest that has emerged in parallel with the development of global markets, technological advancement and an emergent new model of citizenship.


General Interest Public Procurement Service Obligation Economic Partnership Agreement Secondary Legislation 
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