Conclusions: Constructing a ‘Solid’ Multi-Layered Health Care Edifice

  • Johan van de Gronden
  • Erika Szyszczak
Part of the Legal Issues of Services of General Interest book series (LEGAL)


One of the reasons for the higher costs of health care is social and demographic changes in Europe: citizens are healthier and living longer and the birth rate has declined. Thus an older generation is dependent upon different forms of payment for the costs of health care. Europe has moved away from traditional State involvement and provision of a wide range of welfare or social benefits and social services and in the 1990s began discussing how traditional welfare benefits could be modernised. Included within this debate were issues of social and financial provision of ageing and long-term health care costs. The current economic crisis caused by the credit crunch has even made the need to reform health care more urgent given the cuts on government expenditure that the EU Member States are forced to make.


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