Integrated Water Resources Management

  • Vadim Sokolov
Conference paper
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Throughout the development of civilization, people have come to the important realization that water, being the principal element of nature, calls for comprehensive management based on the integration of different waters, users, and impacts that determine the sustainability, efficiency, and safety of water availability. It is us, living on the cusp of a new millennium, whose rough lot it is to witness growing water deficits in nearly all parts of the Earth. Today, annual per capita fresh water resources available for use averages 750 m3. By 2050, this value will decrease to an average of 450 m3 even without taking into account climate change effects. This implies that over 80% of the countries worldwide will reach the UN water deficit level (Water: A Shared Responsibility. The UN World Water Development Report 2. UNESCO-WWAP 2006).


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  1. 1.Scientific Information Center of Interstate Commission for Water Coordination (SIC ICWC)TashkentRepublic of Uzbekistan

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