The Berlin Wall Trail: A Cycling and Hiking Route on the Traces of Berlin’s East–West Division During the Cold War

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In this final short chapter, European Parliament Member Michael Cramer describes the greening of the Berlin Wall. Working together, citizen volunteers, NGOs, and governments have transformed the former ‘death strip’, a dramatic and enduring symbol of the divisions brought about by the Cold War, into a site of natural beauty and reconciliation. The Berlin Wall may well be one of the most emotion-charged structures built in the twentieth century. Not only did it cleave one of Europe’s great capitals in two – the Wall stood as a concrete symbol of the world’s division into two opposing blocs. Today its remnants remain a memorial against violence, tyranny and the abuse of power, and as a warning to future generations never to forget the price Europe paid for its Cold War division. The Berlin Wall Trail, a cycle trail running along the former division line, presents an excellent combination of history workshop and bicycle tourism, green urbanism, recreation and culture. The trail serves as a reminder of the city’s division, and its reunification, stressing the importance of sustainable (urban) mobility and community involvement in greening.


Sustainable mobility Active memorial Berlin wall Green urbanism Recreation and culture 

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