Maximally regular SPMs with planar motion of the moving platform

  • Grigore Gogu
Part of the Solid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (SMIA, volume 173)


Maximally regularspatial parallel robotic manipulators (SPMs) are actuated by one rotating and two linear actuators and can have various degrees of overconstraint. In these solutions, the three operational velocities are equal to their corresponding actuated joint velocities: \({\it v}_1={\it\dot{q}_1}, {\it v}_{\it 2}={\it\dot{q}_ 2} \)and\(\omega_\delta={\it\dot{q}}_3.\)The Jacobian matrix in Eq. (1.18) is the identity matrix. We call spatial Isoglide3-T2R1with planar motion of the moving platform the parallel mechanisms of this family in which at least one limb is a spatial kinematic chain.


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