Water Resources in Cyprus: Endowments and Water Management Practices

  • Iacovos IacovidesEmail author
Part of the Global Issues in Water Policy book series (GLOB, volume 1)


The availability of water resources in the island and the supply – side of water resources, including inter-annual characteristics of precipitation and its ­geographic distribution; surface catchments and runoff; groundwater basins and their current water balance; surface water impoundment works; inter-basin ­transfers; treated municipal wastewater reuse are presented; Given that desalination is an important parameter for the situation of water resources in Cyprus, the island’s experience in this supply-side enhancement method is highlighted, and its advantages and disadvantages are explained. In conclusion the water policies and projects planned to regulate and manage water shortages and assessing their adequacy are presented.


Availability, balance of water resources Groundwater basins Water quality Water Infrastructure Major irrigation schemes Seawater desalination Water recycling Measures for drought 




Cypriot pound equivalent to US$2.68201 in 2008 and 1.7086 euros


District Officer


Government Controlled


Irrigation Divisions


Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment


Water Development Department


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