Geopolitical Overview: Safety and Security in Western and Eastern Europe with Particular Reference to New Trends. Highlighting New Threats and an Innovative Approach to the Necessary Regional Knowledge Management Systems

  • Sandro Calvani
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Part of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security book series (NAPSC, volume 00)


The use of weapons of mass destruction by terrorist organizations and other non-state actors is one of the biggest threats to international security.

In order to prevent such groups from obtaining the means to cause destruction and death on a major scale, it is imperative that governments, international organizations and other stakeholders work together to prevent the illicit traffic of materials which could be used in the production of WMDs.

Therefore coordinated international action is needed to prevent the traffickingof CBRN material, which could be used by rogue elements to produce weapons. Drawing from the UN strategy, UNICRI has developed the worldwide programme Strengthening International Cooperation to Combat Illicit Trafficking and Criminal Use of CBRN Substances and Weapons.

Within this framework UNICRI established regional Knowledge Management Systems with the objective of facilitating the flow of information among states, using the existing knowledge and data to develop common strategies and response mechanisms.


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